About Us

REDECON, a reputed and renowned Consultancy Organisation is an acronym of ‘REsources DEvelopment CONsortium’ established on 1st January 1980 for pooling intellectual resources of top professionals of different disciplines for the benefit of the society. REDECON is incorporated as a Private Limited Company under the Companies Act, 1956 and is governed by a Board of Directors which includes persons of eminence from various sectors of engineering and management and technology sector.

REDECON (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED is a premier multi-disciplinary turnkey design consultancy and project management organization.

Our Services

Water Resources

Hydro Dams and Hydro Channels

Highways, Bridges & Tunnels

Power and Transmission Lines

Architecture & Planning & Landscaping

Survey and Investigation

Soil and Geo-tech Investigation

Traffic and Transportation

Urban and Regional Planning

Agricultural and Rural Development

Our Project

Highways & Roads
Architecture and Planning
Landscaping Project
Traffic and Transportation
Bridges & Tunnels
Power/Transmission Line Projects